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Structural Engineering and Mechanics   Volume 11, Number 4, April 2001, pages 443-460
Variable-node axisymmetric solid element and its application to adaptive mesh refinement
Chang-Koon Choi, Eun-Jin Lee and Wan-Hoon Lee(Korea)

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    This paper presents an effective application of a variable-node axisymmetric solid element
designated as AQV (Axisymmetric Quadrilateral Variable-node element). The variable-node element with
physical midside nodes helps to overcome some problems in connecting the different layer patterns on a
quadrilateral mesh in the adaptive h-refinement. This element alleviates the necessity of imposing
displacement constraints on irregular (hanging) nodes in order to enforce the inter-element compatibility.
Therefore, the elements with variable mid-side nodes can be used effectively in the local mesh refinement
for the axisymmetric structures which have stress concentrations. A modified Gaussian quadrature should
be adopted to evaluate the stiffness matrices of the variable-node elements mainly because of the slope
discontinuity of assumed displacement within the elements. Some numerical examples show the usefulness
of variable-node axisymmetric elements in the practical application.
Key Words
    quadrilateral axisymmetric element; irregular node; variable-node element; transition element; adaptive h-refinement.
Chang-Koon Choi and Eun-Jin Lee, Department of Civil Engineering, KAIST, Taejon 305-600, Korea
Wan-Hoon Lee, Department of Civil & Environment Engineering, Chungwoon University, Chungnam 350-701, Korea

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