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Structural Engineering and Mechanics   Volume 11, Number 3, March 2001, pages 259-272
Impact study for multi-girder bridge based on correlated road roughness
Chunhua Liu, Ton-Lo Wang and Dongzhou Huang(U.S.A.)

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    The impact behavior of a multigirder concrete bridge under single and multiple moving
vehicles is studied based on correlated road surface characteristics. The bridge structure is modeled as
grillage beam system. A 3D nonlinear vehicle model with eleven degrees of freedom is utilized according
to the HS20-44 truck design loading in the American Association of State Highway and Transportation
Officials (AASHTO) specifications. A triangle correlation model is introduced to generate four classes of
longitudinal road surface roughness as multi-correlated random processes along deck transverse direction.
On the basis of a correlation length of approximately half the bridge width, the upper limits of impact factors
obtained under confidence level of 95 percent and side-by-side three-truck loading provide probability-based
evidence for the evaluation of AASHTO specifications. The analytical results indicate that a better
transverse correlation among road surface roughness generally leads to slightly higher impact factors.
Suggestions are made for the routine maintenance of this type of highway bridges.
Key Words
    highway bridge; road surface roughness; correlation analysis; dynamic analysis; impact study.
Chunhua Liu and Ton-Lo Wang, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Florida Int

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