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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 10, Number 6, December 2000 , pages 635-650

Adaptive nodal generation with the element-free Galerkin method
Chung HJ, Lee GH, Choi CK

    In this paper, the adaptive nodal generation procedure based on the estimated local and global error in the element-free Galerkin (EFG) method is proposed. To investigate the possibility of h-type adaptivity of EFG method, a simple nodal refinement scheme is used. By adding new node along the background cell that is used in numerical integration, both of the local and global errors can be controlled adaptively. These errors are estimated by calculating the difference between the values of the projected stresses and original EFG stresses. The ultimate goal of this study is to develop the reliable nodal generator based on the local and global errors that is estimated posteriori. To evaluate the performance of proposed adaptive procedure, the convergence behavior is investigated for several examples.
Key Words
    element-free Galerkin method, projection method, error estimation, adaptive analysis, intigration cell, nodal generation, refinement
Chung HJ, Jeonju Univ, Dept Civil & Environm Engn, Chonju 560759, South Korea
Jeonju Univ, Dept Civil & Environm Engn, Chonju 560759, South Korea
Korea Adv Inst Sci & Technol, Dept Civil Engn, Taejon 305600, South Korea

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