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Structural Engineering and Mechanics   Volume 10, Number 3, September 2000, pages 277-288
A simplified dynamic analysis for estimation of the effect of rotary inertia and diaphragmatic operation on the behaviour of towers with additional masses
Michaltsos GT, Konstantakopoulos TG

Abstract     [Full Text]
    The present paper, deals with the dynamic analysis of a thin-walled tower with varying cross-section and additional masses. It, especially, deals with the effect of the rotary inertia of those masses, which have been neglected up to now. Using Galerkin\'s method, we can find the spectrum of the eigenfrequencies and, also, the shape functions. Finally, we can solve the equations of the problem of the forced vibrations, by using Carson-Laplace\'s transformation. Applying this method on a tall mast with 2 concentrated masses, we can examine the effect of the rotary inertia and the diaphragmatic operation of the above masses, on the 3 first eigenfrequencies.
Key Words
    concentrated masses, thin-walled member, tall masts, rotary inertia, diaphragmatic operation
Michaltsos GT, Natl Tech Univ Athens, Dept Civil Engn, 42 Patiss Str, GR-10682 Athens, Greece
Natl Tech Univ Athens, Dept Civil Engn, GR-10682 Athens, Greece

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