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Structural Engineering and Mechanics   Volume 1, Number 2, April10 2018, pages 15-25
A mechanical model of vehicle-slab track coupled system with differential subgrade settlement
Yu Guo, Wanming Zhai and Yu Sun

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    Post-construction subgrade settlement especially differential settlement, has become a key issue in construction and operation of non-ballasted track on high-speed railway soil subgrade, which may also affect the dynamic performance of passing trains. To estimate the effect of differential subgrade settlement on the mechanical behaviors of the vehicle-slab track system, a detailed model considering nonlinear subgrade support and initial track state due to track self-weight is developed. Accordingly, analysis aiming at a typical high-speed vehicle coupled with a deteriorated slab track owing to differential subgrade settlement is carried out, in terms of two aspects: (i) determination of an initial mapping relationship between subgrade settlement and track deflections as well as contact state between track and subgrade based on a semi-analytical method; (ii) simulation of dynamic performance of the coupled system by employing a time integration approach. The investigation indicates that subgrade settlement results in additional track irregularity, and locally, the contact between the concrete track and the soil subgrade is prone to failure. Moreover, wheel-rail interaction is significantly exacerbated by the track degradation and abnormal responses occur as a result of the unsupported areas. Distributions of interlaminar contact forces in track system vary dramatically due to the combined effect of track deterioration and dynamic load. These may not only intensify the dynamic responses of the coupled system, but also have impacts on the long-term behavior of the track components.
Key Words
    slab track; subgrade settlement; vehicle-track coupled dynamics; track deflections; contact failure
Yu Guo, Wanming Zhai and Yu Sun: Train and Track Research Institute, State Key Laboratory of Traction Power, Southwest Jiaotong University, No. 111, First Section, North of Second Ring Road, Chengdu, People

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