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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 9, Number 4, August 2009, pages 381-395

Advanced analysis of cyclic behaviour of plane steel frames with semi-rigid connections
Saravanan, M., Arul Jayachandran, S., Marimuthu, V. and Prabha, P.

    This paper presents the details of an advanced Finite Element (FE) analysis of a plane steel portal frame with semi-rigid beam-to-column connections subjected cyclic loading. In spite of several component models on cyclic behaviour of connections presented in the literature, works on numerical investigations on cyclic behaviour of full scale frames are rather scarce. This paper presents the evolution of an FE model which deals comprehensively with the issues related to cyclic behaviour of full scale steel frames using ABAQUS software. In the material modeling, combined kinematic/isotropic hardening model and isotropic hardening model along with Von Mises criteria are used. Connection non-linearity is also considered in the analysis. The bolt slip which happens in friction grip connection is modeled. The bolt load variation during loading, which is a pivotal issue in reality, has been taken care in the present model. This aspect, according to the knowledge of the authors, has been first time reported in the literature. The numerically predicted results using the methodology evolved in the present study, for the cyclic behaviour of a cantilever beam and a rigid frame, are validated with experimental results available in the literature. The moment-rotation and deflection responses of the evolved model, match well with experimental results. This proves that the methodology for evolving the steel frame and connection model presented in this paper is closer to real frame behaviour as evident from the good comparison and hence paves the way for further parametric studies on cyclic behaviour of flexibly connected frames.
Key Words
    semi-rigid connection; steel frame; finite element modeling; cyclic loading.
Saravanan, M., Arul Jayachandran, S., Marimuthu, V. and Prabha, P.; Structural Engineering Research Centre, CSIR Campus, Taramani, Chennai ?600 113, India

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