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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 8, Number 2, April 2008 , pages 129-144

Perturbation Based Stochastic Finite Element Analysis of the Structural Systems with Composite Sections under Earthquake Forces
Ozlem Cavdar, Alemdar Bayraktar, Ahmet Cavdar and Suleyman Adanur

    This paper demonstrates an application of the perturbation based stochastic finite element method (SFEM) for predicting the performance of structural systems made of composite sections with random material properties. The composite member consists of materials in contact each of which can surround a finite number of inclusions. The perturbation based stochastic finite element analysis can provide probabilistic behavior of a structure, only the first two moments of random variables need to be known, and should therefore be suitable as an alternative to Monte Carlo simulation (MCS) for realizing structural analysis. A summary of stiffness matrix formulation of composite systems and perturbation based stochastic finite element dynamic analysis formulation of structural systems made of composite sections is given. Two numerical examples are presented to illustrate the method. During stochastic analysis, displacements and sectional forces of composite systems are obtained from perturbation and Monte Carlo methods by changing elastic modulus as random variable. The results imply that perturbation based SFEM method gives close results to MCS method and it can be used instead of MCS method, especially, if computational cost is taken into consideration.
Key Words
    stochastic finite element method; stochastic perturbation technique; composite; stiffness matrix; monte carlo simulation.
Karadeniz Technical University, Department of Civil Engineering, 61080, Trabzon, Turkey

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