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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 7, Number 1, February 2007 , pages 71-85

Experimental study on flexural strength of modular composite profile beams
Hyung-Joon Ahn and Soo-Hyun Ryu

    This study suggests modular composite profile beams, where the prefab concept is applied to existing composite profile beams. The prefab concept produces a beam of desired size having two types of profile: side module and bottom module. Module section will improve construction efforts because it offers several benefits : reduction of deflections due to creep and shrinkage, which might be found in existing composite profile beams; increase in span/depth ratio; and free prefabrication of any required beams. Based on the established analysis theory of composite profile beams, an analysis theory of modular composite profile beams was suggested, and analysis values were compared with experimental ones. The behavior of individual modules with increase of load was measured with a strain gauge, and the shear connection ratio between modules was analyzed by using the measured values. As a result of experiment, it was found that theoretical flexural strength on condition of full connection was 57%-80% by connection of modules for each specimen, and it is expected that flexural strength will approximate the theoretical levels through further module improvement.
Key Words
    modular; composite profile; prefabrication; flexural strength.
Department of Architectural Engineering, Kon-Kuk University, Seoul, Korea

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