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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 6, Number 5, October 2006, pages 401-415

Effects of load height application and pre-buckling deflections on lateral buckling of thin-walled beams
F. Mohri and M. Potier-Ferry

    Based on a non-linear model taking into account flexural-torsional couplings, analytical solutions are derived for lateral buckling of simply supported I beams under some representative load cases. A closed form is established for lateral buckling moments. It accounts for bending distribution, load height application and pre-buckling deflections. Coefficients C1 and C2 affected to these parameters are then derived. Regard to well known linear stability solutions, these coefficients are not constant but depend on another coefficient k1 that represents the pre-buckling deflection effects. In numerical simulations, shell elements are used in mesh process. The buckling loads are achieved from solutions of eigenvalue problem and by bifurcations observed on non linear equilibrium paths. It is proved that both the buckling loads derived from linear stability and eigenvalue problem lead to poor results, especially for I sections with large flanges for which the behaviour is predominated by pre-buckling deflection and the coefficient k1 is large. The proposed solutions are in good agreement with numerical bifurcations observed on non linear equilibrium paths.
Key Words
    buckling; finite element; eigenvalue; linear stability; non linear stability; open section; pre-buckling; thin-walled beam.
F. Mohri(1,2) and M. Potier-Ferry(2)rn1) IUT Nancy-Brabois, D?artement G?ie Civil, Universit?Henri Poincar? Nancy 1, 54601 Villers les Nancy, Francern2) LPMM, UMR CNRS 7554, ISGMP, Universit?Paul Verlaine-Metz, Ile du Saulcy, 57045 Metz, France

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