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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 6, Number 4, August 2006 , pages 353-366

Free vibration analysis of composite conical shellsrnusing the discrete singular convolution algorithm
Omer Civalek

    The discrete singular convolution (DSC) algorithm forrndetermining the frequencies of the free vibration ofrnsingle isotropic and orthotropic laminated conicalrnshells is developed by using a numerical solution ofrnthe governing differential equations of motion basedrnon Love\'s first approximation thin shell theory. Byrnapplying the discrete singular convolution method,rnthe free vibration equations of motion of therncomposite laminated conical shell are transformed torna set of algebraic equations. Convergence andrncomparison studies are carried out to check thernvalidity and accuracy of the DSC method. The obtainedrnresults are in excellent agreement with those in thernliterature.
Key Words
    composite conical shells; free vibration; discrete singular convolution.
Omer Civalek; Akdeniz University, Faculty of Engineering, Civil Engineering Department, Divisionrnof Mechanics, Antalya, Turkey

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