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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 6, Number 2, April 2006, pages 103-122
Chord bearing capacity in long-span tubular trusses
B. Kozy, R. Boyle and C. J. Earls

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    The capacity of tubular truss chords subjected to concentrated reaction forces in the vicinity of the open end (i.e., the bearing region) is not directly treated by existing design specifications; although capacity equations are promulgated for related tubular joint configurations. The lack of direct treatment of bearing capacity in existing design specifications seems to represent an unsatisfactory situation given the fact that connections very often control the design of long-span tubular structures comprised of members with slender cross-sections. The case of the simple-span overhead highway sign truss is studied, in which the bearing reaction is applied near the chord end. The present research is aimed at assessing the validity of adapting existing specifications?capacity equations from related cases so as to be applicable in determining design capacity in tubular truss bearing regions. These modified capacity equations are subsequently used in comparisons with full-scale experimental results obtained from testing carried out at the University of Pittsburgh.
Key Words
    side wall bearing; tubular member bearing; long-span trusses; bearing limit state; nonlinear finite element analysis; circular HSS.
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, rnPennsylvania, 15261, USA

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