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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 45, Number 6, December25 2022 , pages 907-929

Compressive behavior of built-up open–section columns consisting of four cold-formed steel channels
Shaofeng Nie, Cunqing Zhao, Zhe Liu, Yong Han, Tianhua Zhou and Hanheng Wu

    Compression experiments were conducted to investigate the compressive behavior of built-up open-section columns consisting of four cold-formed steel channels (BOCCFSs) of different lengths, thicknesses, and cross-section sizes (OB90 and OB140). The load-displacement curves, failure modes, and maximum compression strength values were analyzed in detail. The tests showed that the failure modes of the OB90 specimens transformed from a large deformation concentration induced by local buckling to flexural buckling with the increase in the slenderness ratio. The failure modes of all OB140 specimens were deformation concentration, except for one long specimen, whose failure mode was flexural buckling. When the slenderness ratios of the specimens were less than 55, the failure modes were controlled by local buckling. Finite element models were built using ABAQUS software and validated to further analyze the mechanical behavior of the BOCCFSs. A parametric study was conducted and used to explore a wide design space. The numerical analysis results showed that when the screw spacing was between 150 mm and 450 mm, the difference in the maximum compression strength values of the specimens was less than 4%. The applicability and effectiveness of the design methods in Chinese GB50018-2002 and AISI-S100-2016 for calculating the compression strength values of the BOCCFSs were evaluated. The prediction methods based on the assumptions produced predictions of the strength that were between 33% to 10% conservative as compared to the tests and the finite element analysis.
Key Words
    built-up open-section columns; cold-formed steel; compression tests; design method; mechanical behavior; numerical analysis
Shaofeng Nie, Cunqing Zhao, Zhe Liu, Yong Han, Tianhua Zhou and Hanheng Wu:School of Civil Engineering, Chang'an University, Xi'an, 710061, China

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