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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 45, Number 5, December10 2022 , pages 715-728

Determination of the load carrying capacity of closed steel supports used in underground construction and mining
Lenka Koubova, Petr Janas, Karel Janas and Martin Krejsa

    Closed steel supports of different shapes are used in mining and underground constructions. The supports are prefabricated from rolled, usually robust, steel profiles. The load carrying capacity of a support is considerably influenced by the active loading and passive forces. The passive forces are induced by interactions between the support and the surrounding rock mass. The analysis herein comprises three parts: The first part consists of structural geometry processing. The second part involves finding the numerical solution of a statically indeterminate structure for a specified load. The third part is calculation of the load carrying capacity and the components of internal forces and deformations. For this, the force method and numerical integration are used. The Winkler model is applied when the support interacts with the surrounding environment. The load carrying capacity is limited by the slip resistance of the connected parts and it is limited by reaching the ultimate state of the profile. This paper serves as a comprehensive reference for the determination of the load carrying capacity of closed steel supports and includes stepwise derivations of the governing formulas.
Key Words
    arch; closed support; force method; slip resistance; slippage; steel structure; underground construction; Winkler model; yielding support
Lenka Koubova, Petr Janas, Karel Janas and Martin Krejsa:Department of Structural Mechanics, Faculty of Civil Engineering, VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Ludvika Podeste 1875/17, 708 33
Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Republic

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