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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 45, Number 4, November25 2022 , pages 555-562

Frequency response of elastic nanocomposite beams containing nanoparticles based on sinusoidal shear deformation beam theory
Suxia Hou, Shengbin Wu, Jijun Luo, Mohsen Nasihatgozar and Amir Behshad

    Improving the mechanical properties of concrete in the construction industry in order to increase resistance to dynamic and static loads is one of the essential topics for researchers. In this work, vibration analysis of elastic nanocomposite beams reinforced by nanoparticles based on mathematical model is presented. For modelling of the strucuture, sinusoidal shear deformation beam theory (SSDBT) is utilized. Mori-anak model model is utilized for obtaining the effective properties of the strucuture including agglomeration influences. Utilizing the energy method and Hamilton'sprincipal, the motion equations are calculated. The frequency of the elastic nanocomposite beam is obtanied by analytical method. The aim of this work is investigating the effects of nanoparticles volume percent and agglomeration, length and thickness of the beam on the frequency of the structure. The results show that the with enhancing the nanoparticles volume percent, the frequency is increased. In addition, the water absorption of the concrete is presented in this article.
Key Words
    analytical method; beam; frequency response; nanoparticles; SSDBT
Suxia Hou, Jijun Luo:Shaanxi Engineering Research Center of Controllable Neutron Source, School of Electronic Information,
Xijing University, Xi

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