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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 45, Number 3, November10 2022 , pages 455-466

A proposal for improving the behavior of CBF braces using an innovative flexural mechanism damper, an experimental and numerical study
Ali Ghamari and Seong‐Hoon Jeong

    Despite the considerable lateral stiffness and strength of the Concentrically Braced Frame (CBF), it suffers from low ductility and low seismic dissipating energy capacity. The buckling of the diagonal members of the CBF systems under cyclic loading ended up to the shortcoming against seismic loading. Comprehensive researches have been performing to achieve helpful approaches to prevent the buckling of the diagonal member. Among the recommended ideas, metallic damper revealed a better success than other ideas to enhance the behavior of CBFs. While metallic dampers improve the behavior of the CBF system, they increase constructional costs. Therefore, in this paper, a new steel damper with flexural mechanism is proposed, which is investigated experimentally and numerically. Also, a parametrical revision was carried out to evaluate the effect of thickness, slenderness ratio, angle of the main plate, and height of the main plates on the proposed damper. For the parametrical study, 45 finite element models were analyzed and considered. Experimental results, as well as the numerical results, indicated that the proposed damper enjoys a stable hysteresis loop without any degradation up to a high rotation equal to around 31% that is significantly considerable. Moreover, it showed a suitable performance in case of ductility and energy dissipating. Besides, the necessary formulas to design the damper, the required relations were proposed to design the elements outside the damper to ensure the damper acts as a ductile fuse.
Key Words
    buckling; Concentrically Braced Frame (CBF); steel plate-based damper; stiffness; strength
Ali Ghamari:Department of Civil Engineering, Ilam Branch, Islamic Azad university, Ilam, Iran

Seong‐Hoon Jeong:Department of Architectural Engineering, Inha University, Incheon, Republic of Korea

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