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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 44, Number 6, September25 2022 , pages 817-828

Enhancing the ability of strain energy release rate criterion for fracture assessment of orthotropic materials under mixed-mode I/II loading considering the effect of crack tip damage zone
Zahra Khaji and Mahdi Fakoor

    In this study, considering dissipated energy in fracture process zone (FPZ), a novel criterion based on maximum strain energy release rate (SER) for orthotropic materials is presented. General case of in-plane loading for cracks along the fibers is assumed. According to the experimental observations, crack propagation is supposed along the fibers and the reinforcement isotropic solid (RIS) concept is employed as a superior model for orthotropic materials. SER in crack initiation and propagation phases is investigated. Elastic properties of FPZ are extracted as a function of undamaged matrix media and micro-crack density. This criterion meaningfully links between dissipated energy due to toughening mechanisms of FPZ and the macroscopic fracture by defining stress intensity factors of the damaged zone. These coefficients are used in equations of maximum SER criterion. The effect of crack initiation angle and the damaged zone is considered simultaneously in this criterion and mode II stress intensity factor is extracted in terms of stress intensity factors of damage zone and crack initiation angle. This criterion can evaluate the effects of FPZ on the fracture behavior of orthotropic material. Good agreement between extracted fracture limit curves (FLC's) and available experimental data proves the ability of the new proposed criterion.
Key Words
    crack initiation angle; fracture process zone; orthotropic materials; reinforcement isotropic solid model; strain energy release rate
Zahra Khaji and Mahdi Fakoor:Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

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