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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 44, Number 3, August10 2022 , pages 389-406

Estimation of splitting tensile strength of modified recycled aggregate concrete using hybrid algorithms
Yirong Zhu, Lihua Huang, Zhijun Zhang and Behzad Bayrami

    Recycling concrete construction waste is an encouraging step toward green and sustainable building. A lot of research has been done on recycled aggregate concretes (𝑅𝐴𝐶s), but not nearly as much has been done on concrete made with recycled aggregate. Recycled aggregate concrete, on the other hand, has been found to have a lower mechanical productivity compared to conventional one. Accurately estimating the mechanical behavior of the concrete samples is a most important scientific topic in civil, structural, and construction engineering. This may prevent the need for excess time and effort and lead to economic considerations because experimental studies are often time-consuming, costly, and troublous. This study presents a comprehensive data-mining-based model for predicting the splitting tensile strength of recycled aggregate concrete modified with glass fiber and silica fume. For this purpose, first, 168 splitting tensile strength tests under different conditions have been performed in the laboratory, then based on the different conditions of each experiment, some variables are considered as input parameters to predict the splitting tensile strength. Then, three hybrid models as GWO-RF, GWO-MLP, and GWO-SVR, were utilized for this purpose. The results showed that all developed GWO-based hybrid predicting models have good agreement with measured experimental results. Significantly, the GWO-RF model has the best accuracy based on the model performance assessment criteria for training and testing data.
Key Words
    hybrid prediction algorithms; glass fiber; recycled aggregate concrete; silica-fume; splitting tensile strength
Yirong Zhu:1)School of Management Engineering, Zhejiang Guangsha Vocational and Technical University of Construction, Dongyang, 322100, China
2)Glodon Company Limited, Beijing, 100193, China

Lihua Huang:School of Management Engineering, Zhejiang Guangsha Vocational and Technical University of Construction, Dongyang, 322100, China

Zhijun Zhang:Southwest China Architectural Design and Research Institute Corp. Ltd, Chengdu 610042, China

Behzad Bayrami:Department of Civil Engineering, Moghadas Ardabili Institute of Higher Education, Ardabil, Iran

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