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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 39, Number 5, June10 2021 , pages 511-528

Large-scaled truss topology optimization with filter and iterative parameter control algorithm of Tikhonov regularization
Vi T. Nguyen and Dongkyu Lee

    There are recently some advances in solving numerically topology optimization problems for large-scaled trusses based on ground structure approach. A disadvantage of this approach is that the final design usually includes many bars, which is difficult to be produced in practice. One of efficient tools is a so-called filter scheme for the ground structure to reduce this difficulty and determine several distinct bars. In detail, this technique is valuable for practical uses because unnecessary bars are filtered out from the ground structure to obtain a well-defined structure during the topology optimization process, while it still guarantees the global equilibrium condition. This process, however, leads to a singular system of equilibrium equations. In this case, the minimization of least squares with Tikhonov regularization is adopted. In this paper, a proposed algorithm in controlling optimal Tikhonov parameter is considered in combination with the filter scheme due to its crucial role in obtaining solution to remove numerical singularity and saving computational time by using sparse matrix, which means that the discrete optimal topology solutions depend on choosing the Tikhonov parameter efficiently. Several numerical examples are investigated to demonstrate the efficiency of the filter parameter control algorithm in terms of the large-scaled optimal topology designs.
Key Words
    truss topology optimization; ground structure approach, large-scaled; filter; Tikhonov regularization; iterative parameter-control algorithm
Vi T. Nguyen and Dongkyu Lee: Department of Architectural Engineering, Sejong University, Seoul 05006, Republic of Korea

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