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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 38, Number 2, January25 2021 , pages 223-239

Axial behavior of steel reinforced lightweight aggregate concrete columns: Analytical studies
Mostafa M. A. Mostafa, Tao Wu and Bo Fu

    This paper presents the analytical modeling and finite element (FE) analysis, using ABAQUS software, of the new types of steel reinforced lightweight aggregate concrete (SRLAC) columns with cross-shaped (+shaped and X-shaped) steel section, using proposed three analytical and two FE models in total. The stress-strain material models for different components in the columns, including the confined zones of the lightweight aggregate concrete (LWAC) using three and four concrete zones divisions approaches and with and without taking into account the stirrups reaction effect, are established first. The analytical models for determining the axial load-deformation behavior of the SRLAC columns are drawn based on the materials models. The analytical and FE models' results are compared with previously reported test results of the axially loaded SRLAC columns. The proposed analytical and FE models accurately predict the axial behavior and capacities of the new types of SRLAC columns with acceptable agreements for the load-displacement curves. The LWAC strength, steel section ratio, and steel section configuration affect the contact stress between the concrete and steel sections. The average ratios of the ultimate test load to the three analytical models and FEA model loads, Put /Pa1, Put /Pa2, Put /Pa3, and Put /PFE1, for the tested specimens are 0.96, 1.004, 1.016, and 1.019, respectively. Finally, the analytical parametric studies are also studied, in terms of the effects of confinement, LWAC strength, steel section ratio, and the reinforcement ratio on the axial capacity of the SRLAC column. When concrete strength, confinements, area of steel sections, or reinforcement bars ratio increased, the axial capacities increased.
Key Words
    analytical modeling; steel reinforced lightweight aggregate concrete (SRLAC) column; confinement effect; FE analysis; design methods
Mostafa M. A. Mostafa: Structural Engineering Department, School of Civil Engineering, Chang

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