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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 37, Number 1, October10 2020, pages 51-73

Simultaneous resonances of SSMFG cylindrical shells resting on viscoelastic foundations
Kamran Foroutana and Habib Ahmadi

    The present paper investigates the simultaneous resonance behavior of spiral stiffened multilayer functionally graded (SSMFG) cylindrical shells with internal and external functionally graded stiffeners under the two-term large amplitude excitations. The structure is embedded within a generalized nonlinear viscoelastic foundation which is composed of a two-parameter Winkler-Pasternak foundation augmented by a Kelvin-Voigt viscoelastic model with a nonlinear cubic stiffness. The cylindrical shell has three layers consist of ceramic, FGM, and metal. The exterior layer of the cylindrical shell is rich ceramic while the interior layer is rich metal and the functionally graded material layer is located between these layers. With regard to classical shells theory, von-Kármán equation, and Hook law, the relations of stress-strain are derived for shell and stiffeners. The spiral stiffeners of the cylindrical shell are modeled according to the smeared stiffener technique. According to the Galerkin method, the discretized motion equation is obtained. The simultaneous resonance is obtained using the multiple scales method. Finally, the influences of different material and geometrical parameters on the system resonances are investigated comprehensively.
Key Words
    nonlinear vibrations; simultaneous resonance; spiral stiffened FG cylindrical shell; multiple scales method; nonlinear viscoelastic foundation; two-term excitation
Kamran Foroutana and Habib Ahmadi: Faculty of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, Shahrood University of Technology, Shahrood, Iran

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