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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 36, Number 6, September25 2020, pages 657-669

Fire resistance and residual strength of reactive powder concrete Using metakaolin
Hongseok Jang, Jebang Yi and Seungyoung So

    This study investigates the fire resistance characteristics of reactive powder concrete according to changes in the cement content per unit area, mixing ratio of metakaolin (MK), and content of polypropylene fiber. A fire test was conducted, and the resulting residual strength characteristics were investigated through flexural and compressive strength measurements, as well as condition rating classification based on visual evaluation. MK effectively reduced the initial high content of calcium hydroxide, thereby reducing the water vapor pressure generated during pyrolysis and slowing spalling. Furthermore, the pore structure and loose tissue were effective for relieving the water vapor pressure in the event of a fire.
Key Words
    reactive powder concrete; metakaolin; pozzolanic activity; spalling properties; fire resistance
Hongseok Jang, Jebang Yi and Seungyoung So: Department of Architectural Engineering, Research Center of Industrial Technology, Jeonbuk National University,
567 Baekje-daero, deokjin-gu, Jeonju 54896, Republic of Korea

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