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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 36, Number 2, July25 2020 , pages 229-247

Time-dependent analysis of slender, tapered reinforced concrete columns
Alexandre de Macêdo Wahrhaftig

    This study analyzed stresses in concrete and its reinforcement, computing the additional loading transferred by concrete creep. The loading varied from zero, structure exclusively under its self-weight, up to the critical buckling load. The studied structure was a real, tapered, reinforced concrete pole. As concrete is a composite material, homogenizing techniques were used in the calculations. Due to the static indetermination for determining the normal forces acting on concrete and reinforcement, equations that considered the balance of forces and compatibility of displacement on cross-sections were employed. In the mathematical solution used to define the critical buckling load, all the elements of the structural dynamics present in the system were considered, including the column self-weight. The structural imperfections were linearized using the geometric stiffness, the proprieties of the concrete were considered according to the guidelines of the American Concrete Institute (ACI 209R), and the ground was modeled as a set of distributed springs along the foundation length. Critical buckling loads were computed at different time intervals after the structure was loaded. Finite element method results were also obtained for comparison. For an interval of 5000 days, the modulus of elasticity and critical buckling load reduced by 36% and 27%, respectively, compared to an interval of zero days. During this time interval, stress on the reinforcement steel reached within 5% of the steel yield strength. The computed strains in that interval stayed below the normative limit.
Key Words
    critical buckling load; analytical solution; creep; geometric nonlinearity; material nonlinearity
Alexandre de Macêdo Wahrhaftig: Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), Polytechnic School, Dept. of Construction and Structures,
Rua Aristides Novís, 02, 5 andar, Federação, Salvador, BA, 40210-910, Brazil

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