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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 35, Number 6, June25 2020 , pages 789-798

Effect of chitosan/carbon nanotube fillers on vibration behaviors of drilled composite plates
Ersin Demir, Hasan Çallioglu, Metin Sayer and Furkan Kavla

    The effect of Chitosan (CS), Carbon Nanotube (CNT) and hybrid (CS-CNT) fillers on the natural frequency of drilled composite plate is investigated by experimentally in this study. The numerical validation is also made with a program based on Finite Element Method (SolidWorks). Nine types filled and one neat composite plates are used in the study. The fillers ratios are 1% CS, 2% CS, 3% CS, 0.1% CNT, 0.2% CNT, 0.3% CNT, 1% CS+0.3% CNT, 2% CS+0.3% CNT, 3% CS+0.3% CNT. The specimens cut to certain sizes by water jet from the plates 400 mm x 400 mm in dimensions. Some of them are drilled in certain dimensions with drill. The natural frequency of each specimen is measured by the vibration test set up to determine the vibration characteristic. The vibration test set up includes an accelerometer, a current source power unit, a data acquisition card and a computer. A code is written in Matlab program for the signal processing. The study are investigated and discussed in four main points to understand the effect of the fillers on the natural frequency of the composite plate. These are the effect of fillers contents and amounts, orientation angles of fibers, holes numbers and holes sizes. As results, the natural frequency of the plate with 1% CS and 0.1% CNT hybrid filler is lower than those of the plates with other fillers ratios for 45 orientation angle. Besides, in the composite plate with 0 orientation angle, the natural frequency increases with increasing the filler ratio. Moreover, the natural frequency increases until a certain hole number and then it decreases. Furthermore, the natural frequency is not affected until a certain hole diameter but then it decreases.
Key Words
    composite plate; carbon nanotube; chitosan; filler; vibration
n Demir, Hasan Çallioglu and Metin Sayer: Pamukkale University, Mechatronics Engineering Department, Kinikli Campus, 20160, Denizli, Turkey
Furkan Kavla: Pamukkale University, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Kinikli Campus, 20160, Denizli, Turkey

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