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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 35, Number 5, June10 2020, pages 611-625

Experimental and numerical studies on the behaviour of corroded cold-formed steel columns
Nie Biao, Xu Shanhua, Zhang Haijiang and Zhang Zongxing

    Experimental investigation and finite element analysis of corroded cold-formed steel (CFS) columns are presented. 11 tensile coupon specimens and 6 stub columns of corroded CFS that had a channel section of C160x60x20 were subjected to monotonic tensile tests and axial compression tests, respectively. The degradation laws of the mechanical properties of the tensile coupon specimens and stub columns were analysed. An appropriate finite element model for the corroded CFS columns was proposed and the influence of local corrosion on the stability performance of the columns was studied by finite element analysis. Finally, the axial capacity of the experimental results was compared with the predictions obtained from the existing design specifications. The results indicated that with an increasing average thickness loss ratio, the ultimate strength, elastic modulus and yield strength decreased for the tensile coupon specimens. Local buckling deformation was not noticeable until the load reached about 90% of the ultimate load for the non-corroded columns, while local buckling deformation was observed when the load was only 40% of the ultimate load for the corroded columns. The maximum reduction of the ultimate load and critical buckling load was 57% and 81.7%, respectively, compared to those values for the non-corroded columns. The ultimate load of the columns with web thickness reduced by 2 mm was 53% lower than that of the non-corroded columns, which indicates that web corrosion most significantly affects the bearing capacity of the columns with localized corrosion. The results predicted using the design specifications of MOHURD were more accurate than those predicted using the design specifications of AISI.
Key Words
    cold-formed steel; mechanical properties; corrosion; finite element analysis; columns
Nie Biao, Xu Shanhua, Zhang Haijiang and Zhang Zongxing: School of Civil Engineering, Xi\'an University of Architecture & Technology, No.13, middle section of Yanta Road, Beilin District, China

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