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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 34, Number 5, March10 2020 , pages 671-679

Mixed mode I/II fracture criterion to anticipate behavior of the orthotropic materials
Hannaneh Manafi Farid and Mahdi Fakoor

    The new energy-based criterion, named Reinforcement Strain Energy Density (ReiSED), is proposed to investigate the fracture behavior of the cracked orthotropic materials in which the crack is embedded in the matrix along the fibers. ReiSED is an extension of the well-known minimum strain energy density criterion. The concept of the reinforced isotropic solid as an advantageous model is the basis of the proposed mixed-mode I/II criterion. This model introduces fibers as reinforcements of the isotropic matrix in orthotropic materials. The effects of fibers are qualified by defining reinforcement coefficients at tension and shear modes. These coefficients, called Reduced Stress (ReSt), provide the possibility of encompassing the fiber fraction in a fracture criterion for the first time. Comparing ReiSED fracture limit curve with experimental data proves the high efficiency of this criterion to predict the fracture behavior of orthotropic materials.
Key Words
    minimum strain energy density criterion; reinforcement coefficients; reinforced matrix; fracture limit curve
Hannaneh Manafi Farid and Mahdi Fakoor: Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

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