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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 34, Number 5, March10 2020 , pages 625-641

Behavior of semi-rigid steel frames under near- and far-field earthquakes
Vijay Sharma, Mahendra K. Shrimali, Shiv D. Bharti and Tushar K. Datta

    The realistic modeling of the beam-column semi-rigid connection in steel frames attracted the attention of many researchers in the past for the seismic analysis of semi-rigid frames. Comparatively less studies have been made to investigate the behavior of steel frames with semi-rigid connections under different types of earthquake. Herein, the seismic behavior of semi-rigid steel frames is investigated under both far and near-field earthquakes. The semi-rigid connection is modeled by the multilinear plastic link element consisting of rotational springs. The kinematic hysteresis model is used to define the dynamic behavior of the rotational spring, describing the nonlinearity of the semi-rigid connection as defined in SAP2000. The nonlinear time history analysis (NTHA) is performed to obtain response time histories of the frame under scaled earthquakes at three PGA levels denoting the low, medium and high-level earthquakes. The other important parameters varied are the stiffness and strength parameters of the connections, defining the degree of semi-rigidity. For studying the behavior of the semi-rigid frame, a large number of seismic demand parameters are considered. The benchmark for comparison is taken as those of the corresponding rigid frame. Two different frames, namely, a five-story frame and a ten-story frame are considered as the numerical examples. It is shown that semi-rigid frames prove to be effective and beneficial in resisting the seismic forces for near-field earthquakes (PGA = 0.2g), especially in reducing the base shear to a considerable extent for the moderate level of earthquake. Further, the semi-rigid frame with a relatively weaker beam and less connection stiffness may withstand a moderately strong earthquake without having much damage in the beams.
Key Words
    nonlinear time history analysis; semi-rigid steel frame; near-field; far-field earthquakes
Vijay Sharma: Department of Civil Engineering, Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur, JLN Marg, Jaipur 302017, India
Mahendra K. Shrimali, Shiv D. Bharti and Tushar K. Datta: National Centre for Disaster Mitigation and Management, Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur,
JLN Marg Jaipur, 302017, India

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