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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 33, Number 6, December25 2019, pages 777-792

Rapid S-N type life estimation for low cycle fatigue of high-strength steels at a low ambient temperature
Liuyang Feng and Xudong Qian

    This paper presents a new efficient approach to estimate the S-N type fatigue life assessment curve for S550 high strength steels under low-cycle actions at –60°C. The proposed approach combines a single set of monotonic tension test and one set of fatigue tests to determine the key material damage parameters in the continuum damage mechanics framework. The experimental program in this study examines both the material response under low-cycle actions. The microstructural mechanisms revealed by the Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) at the low temperature, furthermore, characterizes the effect due to different strain ratios and low temperature on the low-cycle fatigue life of S550 steels. Anchored on the experimental results, this study validates the S-N curve determined from the proposed approach. The S-N type curve determined from one set of fatigue tests and one set of monotonic tension tests estimates the fatigue life of all specimens under different strain ratios satisfactorily.
Key Words
    low-cycle fatigue; low temperature; continuum damage mechanics; cyclic material property; mean stress relaxation
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Centre for Offshore Research and Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore 117576.

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