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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 31, Number 6, June25 2019 , pages 559-573

Effect of spiral spacing on axial compressive behavior of square reinforced concrete filled steel tube (RCFST) columns
Qiyun Qiao, Wenwen Zhang, Ben Mou and Wanlin Cao

    Spiral spacing effect on axial compressive behavior of reinforced concrete filled steel tube (RCFST) stub column is experimentally investigated in this paper. A total of twenty specimens including sixteen square RCFST columns and four benchmarked conventional square concrete filled steel tube (CFST) columns are fabricated and tested. Test variables include spiral spacing (spiral ratio) and concrete strength. The failure modes, load versus displacement curves, compressive rigidity, axial compressive strength, and ductility of the specimens are obtained and analyzed. Especially, the effect of spiral spacing on axial compressive strength and ductility is investigated and discussed in detail. Test results show that heavily arranged spirals considerably increase the ultimate compressive strength but lightly arranged spirals have no obvious effect on the ultimate strength. In practical design, the effect of spirals on RCFST column strength should be considered only when spirals are heavily arranged. Spiral spacing has a considerable effect on increasing the post-peak ductility of RCFST columns. Decreasing of the spiral spacing considerably increases the post-peak ductility of the RCFSTs. When the concrete strength increases, ultimate strength increases but the ductility decreases, due to the brittleness of the higher strength concrete. Arranging spirals, even with a rather small amount of spirals, is an economical and easy solution for improving the ductility of RCFST columns with highstrength concrete. Ultimate compressive strengths of the columns are calculated according to the codes EC4 (2004), GB 50936 (2014), AIJ (2008), and ACI 318 (2014). The ultimate strength of RCFST stub columns can be most precisely evaluated using standard GB 50936 (2014) considering the effect of spiral confinement on core concrete.
Key Words
    RCFST; spiral spacing; axial compression; ultimate strength; ductility
(1) Qiyun Qiao, Wenwen Zhang, Wanlin Cao:
College of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, 100124, P.R. China;
(2) Ben Mou:
School of Civil Engineering, Qingdao University of Technology, Qingdao, 266033, P.R. China.

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