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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 31, Number 5, June10 2019 , pages 529-539

Thermoelastic static and vibrational behaviors of nanocomposite thick cylinders reinforced with graphene
Rasool Moradi-Dastjerdi and Kamran Behdinan

    Current paper deals with thermoelastic static and free vibrational behaviors of axisymmetric thick cylinders reinforced with functionally graded (FG) randomly oriented graphene subjected to internal pressure and thermal gradient loads. The heat transfer and mechanical analyses of randomly oriented graphene-reinforced nanocomposite (GRNC) cylinders are facilitated by developing a weak form mesh-free method based on moving least squares (MLS) shape functions. Furthermore, in order to estimate the material properties of GRNC with temperature dependent components, a modified Halpin-Tsai model incorporated with two efficiency parameters is utilized. It is assumed that the distributions of graphene nano-sheets are uniform and FG along the radial direction of nanocomposite cylinders. By comparing with the exact result, the accuracy of the developed method is verified. Also, the convergence of the method is successfully confirmed. Then we investigated the effects of graphene distribution and volume fraction as well as thermo-mechanical boundary conditions on the temperature distribution, static response and natural frequency of the considered FG-GRNC thick cylinders. The results disclosed that graphene distribution has significant effects on the temperature and hoop stress distributions of FG-GRNC cylinders. However, the volume fraction of graphene has stronger effect on the natural frequencies of the considered thick cylinders than its distribution.
Key Words
    natural frequency; thermal gradient load; temperature dependent graphene; nanocomposite thick cylinder; mesh-free method
Advanced Research Laboratory for Multifunctional LightWeight Structures (ARL-MLS), Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.

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