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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 31, Number 5, June10 2019 , pages 453-467

Novel pin jointed moment connection for cold-formed steel trusses
Chris Mathison, Krishanu Roy, G. Charles Clifton, Amin Ahmadi, Rehan Masood and James B.P. Lim

    Portal frame structures, made up of cold-formed steel trusses, are increasingly being used for lightweight building construction. A novel pin-jointed moment connector, called the Howick Rivet Connector (HRC), was developed and tested previously in T-joints and truss assemblage to determine its reliable strength, stiffness and moment resisting capacity. This paper presents an experimental study on the HRC, in moment resisting cold-formed steel trusses. The connection method is devised where intersecting truss members are confined by a gusset connected by HRCs to create a rigid moment connection. In total, three large scale experiments were conducted to determine the elastic capacity and cyclic behaviour of the gusseted truss moment connection comprising HRC connectors. Theoretical failure loads were also calculated and compared against the experimental failure loads. Results show that the HRCs work effectively at carrying high shear loads between the members of the truss, enabling rigid behaviour to be developed and giving elastic behaviour without tilting up to a defined yield point. An extended gusset connection has been proposed to maximize the moment carrying capacity in a truss knee connection using the HRCs, in which they are aligned around the perimeter of the gusset to maximize the moment capacity and to increase the stability of the truss knee joint.
Key Words
    cold-formed steel; novel connection; moment connection; pinned joint; HRC
(1) Chris Mathison:
Holmes Consulting LP, Auckland, New Zealand;
(2) Krishanu Roy, G. Charles Clifton, Amin Ahmadi, Rehan Masood, James B.P. Lim:
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand;
(3) Rehan Masood:
Department of Construction Engineering & Management, NIT-SCEE, National University of Science and Technology, H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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