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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 31, Number 3, May10 2019, pages 261-276

An extension of a high order approach for free vibration analysis of the nano-scale sandwich beam with steel skins for two types of soft and stiff cores
S. Masoud Marandi, Mohsen Botshekanan Dehkordi and S. Hassan Nourbakhsh

    The study investigates the free vibration of a nano-scale sandwich beam by an extended high order approach, which has not been reported in the existing literature. First-order shear deformation theory for steel skins and so-called high-order sandwich panel theory for the core are applied. Next, the modified couple stress theory is used for both skins and cores. The Hamilton principle is utilized for deriving equations and corresponding boundary conditions. First, in the study the three-mode shapes natural frequencies for various material parameters are investigated. Also, obtained results are evaluated for two types of stiff and soft cores and isotropic, homogenous steel skins. In the research since the governing equations and also the boundary conditions are nonhomogeneous, therefore some closed-form solutions are not applicable. So, to obtain natural frequencies, the boundary conditions are converted to initial conditions called the shooting method as the numerical one. This method is one of the most robust approaches to solve complex equations and boundary conditions. Moreover, three types of simply supported on both sides of the beam (S-S), simply on one side and clamp supported on the other one (S-C) and clamped supported on both sides (C-C) are scrutinized. The parametric study is followed to evaluate the effect of nano-size scale, geometrical configurations for skins, core and material property change for cores as well. Results show that natural frequencies increase by an increase in skins thickness and core Young modulus and a decrease in beam length, core thickness as well. Furthermore, differences between obtained frequencies for soft and stiff cores increase in higher mode shapes; while, the more differences are evaluated for the stiff one.
Key Words
    shooting method; modified couple stress theory; free vibration; nano-scale sandwich beam
Faculty of Engineering, Shahrekord University, Shahrekord, Iran.

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