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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 30, Number 4, February25 2019 , pages 393-403

Structural efficiency of various strengthening schemes for cold-formed steel beams: Effect of global imperfections
M. Adil Dar, N. Subramanian, A.R. Dar, Muheeb Majid, Mohd Haseeb and Mugees Tahoor

    Cold-formed steel (CFS) has a great potential to meet the global challenge of fast-track and durable construction. CFS members undergo large buckling instabilities due to their small wall thickness. CFS beams with corrugated webs have shown great resistance towards web buckling under flexure, when compared to the conventional I-sections. However, the magnitude of global imperfections significantly affects the performance of CFS members. This paper presents the first attempt made to experimentally study the effect of global imperfections on the structural efficiency of various strengthening schemes implemented in CFS beams with corrugated webs. Different strengthening schemes were adopted for two types of beams, one with large global imperfections and the other with small imperfections. Strength and stiffness characteristics of the beams were used to evaluate the structural efficiency of the various strengthening schemes adopted. Six tests were performed with simply supported end conditions, under four-point loading conditions. The load vs. mid-span displacement response, failure loads and modes of failure of the test specimens were investigated. The test results would compensate the lack of experimental data in this area of research and would help in developing numerical models for extensive studies for the development of necessary guidelines on the same. Strengthening schemes assisted in enhancing the member performance significantly, both in terms of strength and stiffness. Hence, providing an economic and time saving solution to such practical structural engineering problems.
Key Words
    cold-formed steel; experiment; strengthening; beams; imperfections; buckling; capacity
(1) M. Adil Dar:
Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute Technology Delhi, New Delhi, India;
(2) N. Subramanian:
Consulting Engineer, Maryland, USA;
(3) A.R. Dar, Muheeb Majid, Mohd Haseeb, Mugees Tahoor:
Department of Civil Engineering, National Institute Technology Srinagar, J&K, India.

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