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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 3, Number 2, April 2003, pages 75-95
Advanced numerical model for the fire behaviour of composite columns with hollow steel section
C. Renaud, J. M. Aribert and B. Zhao

Abstract     [Full Text]
    A numerical model is presented to simulate the mechanical behaviour of composite steel and concrete columns taking into account the interaction between the hollow steel section and the concrete core. The model, based on displacement finite element methods with an Updated Lagrangian formulation, allows for geometrical and material non linearities combined with heating over all or a part of the section and column length. Comparisons of numerical calculations made using the model with 33 fire resistance tests show that the model is able to predict the fire resistance, expressed in minutes of fire exposure, of composite columns with a good accuracy.
Key Words
    composite column; hollow steel section; finite element; large displacements; slip; bond; fire situation; kinematic compatibility; plasticity; creep; iterative algorithm.
Laboratory of Structural Mechanics, INSA-Rennes, 35043 FrancernLaboratory of Structural Mechanics, INSA-Rennes, 35043 FrancernFire Research and Engineering Section, CTICM, 78470 St R?y-l?-Chevreuse, France

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