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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 29, Number 6, December25 2018 , pages 689-701

Behavior of steel-concrete jacketed corrosion-damaged RC columns subjected to eccentric load
Jiyue Hu, Hongjun Liang and Yiyan Lu

    Corrosion of steel reinforcement is a principal cause of deterioration of RC columns. Making these corrosion-damaged columns conform to new safety regulations and functions is a tremendous technological challenge. This study presented an experimental investigation on steel-concrete jacketed corrosion-damaged RC columns. The influences of steel jacket thickness and concrete strength on the enhancement performance of the strengthened specimens were investigated. The results showed that the use of steel-concrete jacketing is efficient since the stub strengthened columns behaved in a more ductile manner. Moreover, the ultimate strength of the corrosion-damaged RC columns is increased by an average of 5.3 times, and the ductility is also significantly improved by the strengthening method. The bearing capacity of the strengthening columns increases with the steel tube thickness increasing, and the strengthening concrete strength has a positive impact on both bearing capacity, whereas a negative influence on the ductility. Subsequently, a numerical model was developed to predict the behavior of the retrofitted columns. The model takes into account corrosion-damage of steel rebar and confining enhancement supplied by the steel tube. Comparative results with the experimental results indicated that the developed numerical model is an effective simulation. Based on extensive verified numerical studies, a design equation was proposed and found to predict well the ultimate eccentric strength of the strengthened columns.
Key Words
    steel-concrete jacketing; corrosion-damage; retrofit; eccentric compression
Jiyue Hu, Hongjun Liang and Yiyan Lu

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