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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 28, Number 3, August10 2018, pages 331-347
Creep analysis of the FG cylinders: Time-dependent non-axisymmetric behavior
Mohammad Arefi, Mehrdad Nasr and Abbas Loghman

Abstract     [Full Text]
    In this paper history of stresses, strains, radial and circumferential displacements of a functionally graded thick-walled hollow cylinder due to creep phenomenon is investigated. The cylinder is subjected to an arbitrary non-axisymmetric two dimensional thermo-mechanical loading and uniform magnetic field along axial direction. Using equilibrium, strain-displacements and stress-strain relations, the governing differential equations of the problem containing creep strains are derived in terms of radial and circumferential displacements. Since the displacements are varying with time due to creep phenomenon, an analytical solution is not available for these equations. Thus, a semi-analytical procedure based on separation of variables and Fourier series together with a numerical procedure is employed. The numerical results indicate that the non-axisymmetric loading and the material grading index have significant effect on stress redistributions. Moreover, by proper selection of material for any combination of non-axisymmetric loading, one can arrive suitable response for the cylinder to achieve optimal design. With some simplifications, the results are validated with the existing literature.
Key Words
    FGM hollow cylinder; time dependent creep; non-axisymmetric; two-dimensional loads
Department of Solid Mechanics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kashan, Kashan, Iran.

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