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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 25, Number 5, December10 2017 , pages 557-569

Divergence-free algorithms for moment-thrust-curvature analysis of arbitrary sections
Liang Chen, Si-Wei Liuand Siu-Lai Chan

    Moment-thrust-curvatures (M-P- curves) are fundamental quantities for detailed descriptions of basic properties such as stiffness and strength of a section under axial loads required for accurate computation of the deformations of reinforced concrete or composite columns. Currently, the finite-element-based methods adopting small fibers for analyzing a section are commonly used for generating the M-P- curves and they require large amounts of computational time and effort. Further, the conventional numerical procedure using the force-control method might encounter divergence problems under high compression or tension. Therefore, this paper proposes a divergence-free approach, combining the use of the displacement-control and the Quasi-Newton scheme in the incremental-iterative procedure, for generating the M-P-curves of arbitrary sections. An efficient method for computing the strength from concrete components is employed, where the stress integration is executed by layer-based algorithms. For easy modeling of residual stress, cross sections of structural steel components are meshed into fibers for strength resultants. The numerical procedure is elaborated in detail with flowcharts. Finally, extensive validating examples from previously published research are given for verifying the accuracy of the proposed method.
Key Words
    composite; steel; section; numerical; concrete; moment-curvature analysis
Liang Chen, Si-Wei Liuand Siu-Lai Chan: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China

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