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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 25, Number 5, December10 2017 , pages 545-556

Axial load behavior and stability strength of circular tubed steel reinforced concrete (SRC) columns
Biao Yan, Jiepeng Liu and Xuhong Zhou

    The tubed steel reinforced concrete (SRC) column is a composite column in which the outer steel tube is mainly used to provide confinement on the core concrete. This paper presents experimental and analytical studies on the behavior of circular tubed SRC (TSRC) columns subjected to axial compression. Eight circular TSRC columns were tested to investigate the effects of length-to-diameter ratio (L/D) of the specimens, diameter-to-thickness ratio (D/t) of the steel tubes, and use of stud shear connectors on the steel sections. Elastic-plastic analysis on the steel tubes was used to investigate the mechanism of confinement on the core concrete. The test results indicated that the tube confinement increased the strength and deformation capacity for both short and slender columns, and the effects on strength were more pronounced for short columns. A nonlinear finite element (FE) model was developed using ABAQUS, in which the nonlinear material behavior and initial geometric imperfection were included. Good agreement was achieved between the predicted results using the FE model and the test results. The test and FE results were compared with the predicted strengths calculated by Eurocode 4 and the AISC Standard. Based on the analytical results, a new design method for this composite column was proposed.
Key Words
    circular TSRC; axial compression; stability strength; finite element analysis; column curve; design method
Biao Yan: Department of Engineering Mechanics, School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Lanzhou University,
No.222, Tianshui Road(south), Chengguan Dstrict, Lanzhou 730000, China
Jiepeng Liu and Xuhong Zhou: Department of Civil Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, Chongqing University,No.174, Shazheng Street, Shapingba District, Chongqing 400044, China


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