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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 25, Number 3, October30 2017 , pages 287-298

Structural response of rectangular composite columns under vertical and lateral loads
Baris Sevim

    The present study aims to determine the structural response of full scaled rectangular columns under both of vertical and lateral loads using numerical methods. In the study, the composite columns considering full concrete filled circular steel tube (FCFRST) and concrete filled double-skin rectangular steel tube (CFDSRST) section types are numerically modelled using ANSYS software. Vertical and lateral loads are applied to models to assess the structural response of the composite elements. Also similar investigations are done for reinforced concrete rectangular (RCR) columns to compare the results with those of composite elements. The analyses of the systems are statically performed for both linear and nonlinear materials. In linear static analyses, both of vertical and lateral loads are applied to models as only one step. However in nonlinear analyses, while vertical loads are applied to model as only one step, lateral loads are applied to systems as step by step. The displacement and stress changes in some critical nodes and sections and contour diagrams are reported by graphs and figures. At the end of the study, it is demonstrated that the nonlinear models reveal more accurate result then those of linear models. Also, it is highlighted that composite columns provide more and more safety, ductility compared to reinforced concrete column.
Key Words
    omposite column; finite element modeling; linear and nonlinear analyses; structural response; vertical and lateral loads thermal buckling; sandwich plate; functionally graded materials; plate theory
Baris Sevim: Yildiz Technical University, Department of Civil Engineering, 34220, İstanbul, Turkey

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