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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 23, Number 6, April30 2017 , pages 623-631

Buckling of sandwich plates with FG-CNT-reinforced layers resting on orthotropic elastic medium using Reddy plate theory
Maryam Shokravi

    Present paper deals with the temperature-dependent buckling analysis of sandwich nanocomposite plates resting on elastic medium subjected to magnetic field. The lamina layers are reinforced with carbon nanotubes (CNTs) as uniform and functionally graded (FG). The elastic medium is considered as orthotropic Pasternak foundation with considering the effects of thermal loading on the spring and shear constants of medium. Mixture rule is utilized for obtaining the effective material properties of each layer. Adopting the Reddy shear deformation plate theory, the governing equations are derived based on energy method and Hamilton's principle. The buckling load of the structure is calculated with the Navier's method for the simply supported sandwich nanocomposite plates. Parametric study is conducted on the combined effects of the volume percent and distribution types of the CNTs, temperature change, elastic medium, magnetic field and geometrical parameters of the plates on the buckling load of the sandwich structure. The results show that FGX distribution of the CNTs leads to higher stiffness and consequently higher buckling load. In addition, considering the magnetic field increases the buckling load of the sandwich nanocomposite plate.
Key Words
    buckling of sandwich nanocomposite plates; magnetic field; FG-CNT; temperature-dependent; Reddy shear deformation plate theory
Buein Zahra Technical University, Buein Zahra, Qazvin, Iran.

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