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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 23, Number 4, March20 2017, pages 421-433
Increasing plastic hinge length using two pipes in a proposed web reduced beam section, an experimental and numerical study
Seyed M. Zahrai, Seyed R. Mirghaderi and Aboozar Saleh

Abstract     [Full Text]
    Experimental and numerical studies of a newly developed Reduced Beam Section (RBS) connection, called Tubular Web RBS connection (TW-RBS) have been recently conducted. This paper presents experimental and numerical results of extending the plastic hinge length on the beam flange to increase energy dissipation of a proposed version of the TW-RBS connection with two pipes, (TW-RBS(II)), made by replacing a part of flat web with two steel tubular web at the desirable location of the beam plastic hinge. Two deep-beam specimens with two pipes are prepared and tested under cyclic loads. Obtained results reveal that the TW-RBS(II) like its type I, increases story drift capacity up to 6% in deep beam much more than that stipulated by the current seismic codes. Based on test results, the proposed TW-RBS(II) helps to dissipate imposed energy up to 30% more than that of the TW-RBS(I) specimens at the same story drift and also reduces demands at the beam-to-column connection up to 30% by increasing plastic hinge length on the beam flange. The TW-RBS(II) specimens are finally simulated using finite element method showing good agreement with experimental results.
Key Words
    energy dissipation; plastic hinge length; reduced beam section; accordion web RBS; two pipes; accordion cells
(1) Seyed M. Zahrai, Seyed R. Mirghaderi:
School of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, The University of Tehran, Iran;
(2) Aboozar Saleh:
Department of Civil Engineering, Islamic Azad University Professor Hesabi Branch, Tafresh, Iran.

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