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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 23, Number 4, March20 2017, pages 409-420
Cyclic behavior of steel beam-concrete wall connections with embedded steel columns (II): Theoretical study
Guo-Qiang Li, Fulin Gu, Jian Jiang and Feifei Sun

Abstract     [Full Text]
    This paper theoretically studies the cyclic behavior of hybrid connections between steel coupling beams and concrete shear walls with embedded steel columns. Finite element models of connections with long and short embedded steel columns are built in ABAQUS and validated against the test results in the companion paper. Parametric studies are carried out using the validated FE model to determine the key influencing factors on the load-bearing capacity of connections. A close-form solution of the load-bearing capacity of connections is proposed by considering the contributions from the compressive strength of concrete at the interface between the embedded beam and concrete, shear yielding of column web in the tensile region, and shear capacity of column web and concrete in joint zone. The results show that the bond slip between embedded steel members and concrete should be considered which can be simulated by defining contact boundary conditions. It is found that the load-bearing capacity of connections strongly depends on the section height, flange width and web thickness of the embedded column. The accuracy of the proposed calculation method is validated against test results and also verified against FE results (with differences within 10%). It is recommended that embedded steel columns should be placed along the entire height of shear walls to facilitate construction and enhance the ductility. The thickness and section height of embedded columns should be increased to enhance the load-bearing capacity of connections. The stirrups in the joint zone should be strengthened and embedded columns with very small section height should be avoided.
Key Words
    steel coupling beam; beam-to-wall connection; embedded steel column; failure mode; load-bearing capacity; close-form solution
(1) Guo-Qiang Li, Jian Jiang, Feifei Sun:
State Key Laboratory for Disaster Reduction in Civil Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, China;
(2) Fulin Gu:
College of Civil Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, China.

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