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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 23, Number 3, February28 2017, pages 273-283
Collapse of steel cantilever roof of tribune induced by snow loads
Ahmet C. Altunışık, Şevket Ateı, Metin Hüsem and Ali F. Genç

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    In this paper, it is aimed to present a detail investigation related to structural behavior of laterally unrestrained steel cantilever roof of tribune with slender cross section. The structure is located in Tutak town in A&$287;rı and collapsed on October 25, 2015 at eastern part of Turkey is considered as a case study. This mild sloped roof structure was built from a variable I beam, and supported on steel columns of 5.5 m height covering totally 240 m2 closed area in plan. The roof of tribune collapsed completely without any indication during first snowfall after construction at midnight a winter day, fortunately before the opening hours. The meteorological records and observations of local persons are combined together to estimate the intensity of snow load in the region and it is compared with the code specified values. Also, the wide/thickness and height/thickness ratios for flange and web are evaluated according to the design codes. Three dimensional finite element model of the existing steel tribune roof is generated considering project drawings and site investigations using commercially available software ANSYS. The displacements, principal stresses and strains along to the cantilever length and column height are given as contour diagrams and graph format. In addition to site investigation, the numerical and analytical works conducted in this study indicate that the unequivocal reasons of the collapse are overloading action of snow load intensity, some mistakes made in the design of steel cantilever beams, insufficient strength and rigidity of the main structural elements, and construction workmanship errors.
Key Words
    collapse; finite element model; roof; snow; steel
Department of Civil Engineering, Karadeniz Technical University, Trabzon, Turkey.

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