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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 23, Number 1, January20 2017, pages 087-94
CFRP strengthening of steel columns subjected to eccentric compression loading
Amir Hamzeh Keykha

Abstract     [Full Text]
    Steel structures often require strengthening due to the increasing life loads, or repair caused by corrosion or fatigue cracking. Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) is one of the materials used to strengthen steel structures. Most studies on strengthening steel structures have been carried out on steel beams and steel columns under centric compression load. No independent article, to the author's knowledge, has studied the effect of CFRP strengthening on steel columns under eccentric compression load, and it seems that there is a lack of understanding on behavior of CFRP strengthening on steel columns under eccentric compression load. However, this study explored the use of adhesively bonded CFRP flexible sheets on retrofitting square hollow section (SHS) steel columns under the eccentric compression load, using numerical investigations. Finite Element Method (FEM) was employed for modeling. To determine ultimate load of SHS steel columns, eight specimens with two types of section (Type A and B), strengthened using CFRP sheets, were analyzed under different coverage lengths, the number of layers, and the location of CFRP composites. Two specimens were analyzed without strengthening (control) to determine the increasing rate of the ultimate load in strengthened steel columns. ANSYS was used to analyze the SHS steel columns. The results showed that the CFRP composite had no similar effect on the slender and stocky SHS steel columns. The results also showed that the coverage length, the number of layers, and the location of CFRP composites were effective in increasing the ultimate load of the SHS steel columns.
Key Words
    steel columns; CFRP; strengthening; eccentric compression load; FEM
Department of Civil Engineering, Zahedan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Zahedan, Iran.

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