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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 22, Number 5, December10 2016, pages 1019-1038
Effect of high-strength concrete on shear behavior of dry joints in precast concrete segmental bridges
Haibo Jiang, Ying Chen, Airong Liu, Tianlong Wang and Zhuangcheng Fang

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    The use of high-strength concrete (HSC) in precast concrete segmental bridges (PCSBs) can minimize the superstructure geometry and reduce beam weight, which can accelerate the construction speed. Dry joints between the segments in PCSBs introduce discontinuity and require special attention in design and construction. Cracks in dry joints initiate more easily than those in epoxy joints in construction period or in service. Due to the higher rupture strength of HSC, the higher cracking resistance can be achieved. In this study, shear behavior of dry joints in PCSBs was investigated by experiments, especially focusing on cracking resistance and shear strength of HSC dry joints. It can be concluded that the use of HSC can improve the cracking resistance, shear strength, and ductility of monolithic, single-keyed and three-keyed specimens. The experimental results obtained from tests were compared with the AASHTO 2003 design provisions. The AASHTO 2003 provision underestimates the shear capacity of single-keyed dry joint C50 and C70 HSC specimens, underestimates the shear strength of three-keyed dry joint C70 HSC specimens, and overestimates the shear capacity of three-keyed dry joint C50 HSC specimens.
Key Words
    dry joint; high-strength concrete (HSC); precast concrete segmental bridges (PCSBs); shear strength
(1) Haibo Jiang, Ying Chen, Tianlong Wang, Zhuangcheng Fang:
School of Civil and Transportation Engineering, Guangdong University of Technology, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Guangzhou, China;
(2) Airong Liu:
Guangzhou University-Tamkang University Joint Research Center for Engineering Structure Disaster Prevention and Control, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Guangzhou, China.

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