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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 22, Number 2, October10 2016, pages 235-255
Experimental studies on steel frame structures of traditional-style buildings
Jianyang Xue and Liangjie Qi

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    This paper experimentally investigated the behavior of steel frame structures of traditional-style buildings subjected to combined constant axial load and reversed lateral cyclic loading conditions. The low cyclic reversed loading test was carried out on a 1/2 model of a traditional-style steel frame. The failure process and failure mode of the structure were observed. The mechanical behaviors of the steel frame, including hysteretic behaviors, order of plastic hinges, load-displacement curve, characteristic loads and corresponding displacements, ductility, energy dissipation capacity, and stiffness degradation were analyzed. Test results showed that the Dou-Gong component (a special construct in traditional-style buildings) in steel frame structures acted as the first seismic line under the action of horizontal loads, the plastic hinges at the beam end developed sufficiently and satisfied the Chinese Seismic Design Principle of "strong columns-weak beams, strong joints-weak members". The pinching phenomenon of hysteretic loops occurred and it changed into Z-shape, indicating shear-slip property. The stiffness degradation of the structure was significant at the early stage of the loading. When failure, the ultimate elastic-plastic interlayer displacement angle was 1/20, which indicated high collapse resistance capacity of the steel frame. Furthermore, the finite element analysis was conducted to simulate the behavior of traditional-style frame structure. Test results agreed well with the results of the finite element analysis.
Key Words
    traditional-style buildings; steel frame structure; quasi-static test; mechanical behavior; finite element analysis
School of Civil Engineering, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, Xi'an, P.R. China.

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