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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 22, Number 1, September20 2016, pages 113-139
Seismic response of 3D steel buildings with hybrid connections: PRC and FRC
Alfredo Reyes-Salazar, Jesús Alberto Cervantes-Lugo, Arturo López Barraza, Edén Bojórquez and Juan Bojorquez

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    The nonlinear seismic responses of steel buildings with perimeter moment resisting frames (PMRF) and interior gravity frames (IGF) are estimated, modeling the interior connections first as perfectly pinned (PPC), and then as partially restrained (PRC). Two 3D steel building models, twenty strong motions and three levels of the PRC rigidity, which are represented by the Richard Model and the Beam Line Theory, are considered. The RUAUMOKO Computer Program is used for the required time history nonlinear dynamic analysis. The responses can be significantly reduced when interior connections are considered as PRC, confirming what observed in experimental investigations. The reduction significantly varies with the strong motion, story, model, structural deformation, response parameter, and location of the structural element. The reduction is larger for global than for local response parameters; average reductions larger than 30% are observed for shears and displacements while they are about 20% for bending moments. The reduction is much larger for medium- than for low-rise buildings indicating a considerable influence of the structural complexity. It can be concluded that, the effect of the dissipated energy at PRC should not be neglected. Even for connections with relative small stiffness, which are usually idealized as PPC, the reduction can be significant. Thus, PRC can be used at IGF of steel buildings with PMRF to get more economical construction, to reduce the seismic response and to make steel building more seismic load tolerant. Much more research is needed to consider other aspects of the problem to reach more general conclusions.
Key Words
    steel buildings; partially restrained connections; energy dissipation; nonlinear seismic response; global and local response parameters
Facultad de Ingenieria, Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa, Ciudad Universitaria, Culiacan Sinaloa, México.

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