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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 22, Number 1, September20 2016, pages 25-43
An investigation of anchorage to the edge of steel plates bonded to RC structures
M.E. Kara, F.K. Firat, M. Sonmez and T. Karabork

Abstract     [Full Text]
    This paper presents the results of an experimental study investigating the effects of anchorage systems used in externally bonded steel plates on the strength and ductility of reinforced concrete structures. In the literature, diagonal steel plates bonded to frames were designed to be more flexible than the connections to eliminate the possible effect of the connection flexibility. However, to better evaluate the performance of the strengthened structures, the strength and behavior of connections should also be considered. The purpose of this study was to experimentally investigate the effects of different connection types of steel plates bonded to the frame using anchors on the strengthened RC structures. For this purpose, eleven specimens were designed to simulate the interior and exterior connection behavior. Two of these were used as the control beams and remaining nine for the investigation of the functionality of the end steel plates. Experimental results show that the load carrying capacity of the strengthened beams is directly related to the connection types of the steel plates. For the interior connections, L-shaped end plates that were strengthened using steel anchors must have adequate stiffness to prevent its shape. While, for the exterior connections, the connection with three anchors carried more load than the other exterior connections.
Key Words
    anchorage; reinforced concrete; strengthening; externally bonded steel plates
Department of Civil Engineering, Aksaray University, 68100 Aksaray, Turkey.

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