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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 21, Number 5, August10 2016, pages 981-997
Cracking of a prefabricated steel truss-concrete composite beam with pre-embedded shear studs under hogging moment
Yanmei Gao, Zhixiang Zhou, Dong Liu and Yinhui Wang

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    To avoid the cracks of cast-in-place concrete in shear pockets and seams in the traditional composite beam with precast decks, this paper proposed a new type of prefabricated steel truss-concrete composite beam (ab. PSTC beam) with pre-embedded shear studs (ab. PSS connector). To study the initial cracking load of concrete deck, the development and distribution laws of the cracks, 3 PSTC beams were tested under hogging moment. And the crack behavior of the deck was compared with traditional precast composite beam, which was assembled by shear pockets and cast-in-place joints. Results show that: (i) the initial crack appears on the deck, thus avoid the appearance of the cracks in the traditional shear pockets; (ii) the crack of the seam appears later than that of the deck, which verifies the reliability of epoxy cement mortar seam, thus solves the complex structure and easily crack behavior of the traditional cast-in-place joints; (iii) the development and the distribution laws of the cracks in PSTC beam are different from the conventional composite beam. Therefore, in the deduction of crack calculation theory, all the above factors should be considered.
Key Words
    Prefabricated Steel Truss-Concrete Composite Beam (PSTC beam); precast deck; Preembedded Shear Studs (PSS Connector); epoxy cement mortar seam; deck crack test
(1) Yanmei Gao, Zhixiang Zhou:
State Key Laboratory Cultivation Base of Mountain Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, Chongqing Jiaotong University, 400074, China;
(2) Yanmei Gao, Zhixiang Zhou, Dong Liu:
College of Civil Engineering, Chongqing Jiaotong University, 400074, China;
(3) Yinhui Wang:
Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University, School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, 315100, China.

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