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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 21, Number 5, August10 2016, pages 1121-1144
Advanced analysis for planar steel frames with semi-rigid connections using plastic-zone method
Phu-Cuong Nguyen and Seung-Eock Kim

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    This paper presents a displacement-based finite element procedure for second-order distributed plasticity analysis of planar steel frames with semi-rigid beam-to-column connections under static loadings. A partially strain-hardening elastic-plastic beam-column element, which directly takes into account geometric nonlinearity, gradual yielding of material, and flexibility of semi-rigid connections, is proposed. The second-order effects and distributed plasticity are considered by dividing the member into several sub-elements and meshing the cross-section into several fibers. A new nonlinear solution procedure based on the combination of the Newton-Raphson equilibrium iterative algorithm and the constant work method for adjusting the incremental load factor is proposed for solving nonlinear equilibrium equations. The nonlinear inelastic behavior predicted by the proposed program compares well with previous studies. Coupling effects of three primary sources of nonlinearity, geometric imperfections, and residual stress are investigated and discussed in this paper.
Key Words
    distributed plasticity; nonlinear inelastic analysis; second-order effects; semi-rigid connections; steel frames
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Sejong University, 98 Gunja-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul 143-747, South Korea.

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