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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 21, Number 2, June10 2016, pages 373-394
Postbuckling analysis of laminated composite shells under shear loads
Woo-Young Jung, Sung-Cheon Han, Won-Hong Lee and Weon-Tae Park

Abstract     [Full Text]
    The postbuckling behavior of laminated composite plates and shells, subjected to various shear loadings, is presented, using a modified 8-ANS method. The finite element, based on a modified first-order shear deformation theory, is further improved by the combined use of assumed natural strain method. We analyze the influence of the shell element with the various location and number of enhanced membrane and shear interpolation. Using the assumed natural strain method with proper interpolation functions, the present shell element generates neither membrane nor shear locking behavior even when full integration is used in the formulation. The effects of various types of lay-ups, materials and number of layers on initial buckling and postbuckling response of the laminated composite plates and shells for various shear loading have been discussed. In addition, the effect of direction of shear load on the postbuckling behavior is studied. Numerical results and comparisons of the present results with those found in the literature for typical benchmark problems involving symmetric cross-ply laminated composites are found to be excellent and show the validity of the developed finite element model. The study is relevant to the simulation of barrels, pipes, wing surfaces, aircrafts, rockets and missile structures subjected to intense complex loading.
Key Words
    laminated composite shells; postbuckling analysis; assumed natural strain; shear loads
(1) Woo-Young Jung:
Department of Civil Engineering, Gangneung-Wonju National University, 7 Jukheon, Gangneung, 210-702, Republic of Korea; Department of Civil & Railroad Engineering, Daewon University College, 599 Shinwol, Jecheon, 390-702, Republic of Korea;
(3) Won-Hong Lee:
Department of Civil Engineering, Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology, 33 Dongjin, Jinju, 660-758, Republic of Korea;
(4) Weon-Tae Park:
Division of Construction and Environmental Engineering, Kongju National University, 275 Budai, Cheonan, 330-717, Republic of Korea.

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